My name's Kyle, I'm a software developer. I've spent most of my proffessional career working with .NET framework, JQuery, Python + Django and Vue.js (in that order).

I have a garden mostly for vegetables and herbs that I maintain using the no-till method. I like to cook and bake with my wife, and we generally try to keep a simple life, by doing and making things ourselves.

Otherwise, I spend my time doing anything that seems interesting. I write a lot of small toy software projects based on intersting concepts, but I'm pretty bad at finishing them. You can check some of them out here:

I'm a big fan of local-first software, and social media as it is today is not for me. You can contact me at kyle [at] periks [dot] net.


Just some things I made that you can view in browser

Little Flame
Light Casting
Weird Blocks (awsd + jikl to control)
Sky simulator
Sandbox (Powder game)
Hex Sandbox
Tree sim


Except I just post images and gifs of things I'm working on. It's super secret because this started as a form of accountability to practice pixel art and I only shared with a few family members.

Super secret pixels