Things I'm growing


Written in retrospect

My wife and I started keeping plants in our apartment in spring. We just bought a few different seeds and planted them in some pots. They did suprisingly well, considering they stayed indoors most of the time.

When we bought a house mid-summer, we transplanted them in the ground

I don't know the butternut squash had a particularly high survival rate but we're really glad it did. By the end of the season we harvested about 50 pounds of butternut squash. It had pretty much taken up our yard.

30 pounds of squash in this container

30 pounds of squash

Here's a really odd squash I found. it tasted completely normal but it had skin like a watermelon...

Green squash

Here's some sunflowers that popped up. a squirrel had buried seeds all over the yard, so we just moved them and they did really well.


All in all, it was a good year. The Wisconsin winter that came afterward made us very ready to get out and plant more.