lilac in mason jar


Things I'm growing

May 2019

Finally it's spring, and we were really ready to get planting things. We planted seeds in egg cartons in March. By this time they are all transplanted into pots.

Seedlings in our little greenhouse


Misc things (coffee, avocado, flowers, seedlings)

Misc pots

Otherwise we have a lot of things that we direct sowed, or bought whole for outside.



More herbs





a little pumpkin seedling

Pumpkin seedling

Over this past year we've said hi to our heighbors in passing. We've even shared in our harvests a bit (they plant tomatoes right on the other side of the fence). The other day he invited me over to have a couple small raspberry plants. I was surprised to see half his yard was full or raspberry plants to pick from.

Raspberry plants

So it's good to get to know your neighbors

We're not experts and we don't expect everything to go well. We're glad everything is healthy so far and we're willing to learn along the way.

Lilac tree