Sourdough starter

To start your own sourdough starter to use for bread in place of yeast. To start it up it takes roughly a week. It’s vital to use organic unbleached flour, other flour may not have all the yeasts and microbes that naturally occur on wheat. Don’t worry about this when you’re refreshing, at that time you’re just feeding what already has been established.

To start, mix 100g water and 100g organic flour together in a jar, cover with a cloth or loosely with a lid (not airtight)

Leave to sit out on the counter

After about 24 hours, give it a refresh of 50g water and 50g organic flour and mix thoroughly let it sit on the counter. Repeat this every 24 hours for about week until you see bubbles.

To confirm your starter is healthy, after a refresh draw a line at the level of your starter. Over the course of 24 hours it should just about double in size while left out.

Once your starter is healthy, you can keep it in the fridge and simply refresh it with equal parts flour and water weekly. Use as much as you want throughout the week as long as you keep some starter to refresh.

If your starter looks unhealthy, or needs to be refreshed more often, you can leave it out on the counter and feed it daily instead.